We are shipping a container of 6 classic Minis from Christchurch, New Zealand to Nashville, Tennessee.  They are all rust-free & great-running.  Being that these cars are from New Zealand, they are all right-hand-drive & over 25 years old.  The Minis are traveling in a 40-foot container from New Zealand to Savannah, GA; and from there, will be put on a train to Nashville, TN.  They should arrive sometime at the end of February 09.  Once we look at the cars, we will set a price & list them for sale.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me at ben@rocketown.org.  

Friday, February 20, 2009

Welcome to America

They are in America.  Not quite to Nashville yet, but they have cleared Customs and are on a train headed here.  We will have the grand unveiling on Friday.  We are so excited.  We will open the container for the first time and really see what we have gotten on Friday.  Keep checking the site because we will have video of the unveiling soon.


Don Racine said...

Great collection- sure hope you will be using http://www.minimania.com/ for all your future maintenance and parts needs?

Arnold Austin Jr said...

Reminds me of your tee "still plays with cars". Nice set.