We are shipping a container of 6 classic Minis from Christchurch, New Zealand to Nashville, Tennessee.  They are all rust-free & great-running.  Being that these cars are from New Zealand, they are all right-hand-drive & over 25 years old.  The Minis are traveling in a 40-foot container from New Zealand to Savannah, GA; and from there, will be put on a train to Nashville, TN.  They should arrive sometime at the end of February 09.  Once we look at the cars, we will set a price & list them for sale.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me at ben@rocketown.org.  

Sunday, November 30, 2008

1972 Austin Mini 1000cc

This is a 1972 Austin Mini.  It has alloy wheels, sport steering wheel, good paint, and I will put a new interior in it.  What goes with Lime Green?  Corona Gold.  I love movie links of people having fun with Minis.  If you are not having fun in a mini, check your pulse.  Click Here.

1966 Morris Mini 850cc

This is a very nice original 850cc Mini.  British Racing Green with Tan interior, sport steering, and the engine was just rebuilt.  The owner says it runs perfect.  Here are some Minis in action.  Click Here.  To see clips from the real ITALIAN JOB.

1968 Morris Traveler 1000cc

This has a 1000cc engine, super nice interior, and of course 10 more inches of storage space and van doors in the rear.  This is for the Mini enthusiast with baggage.  It has sport exhaust, sport steering wheel, stereo system, and alloy wheels.  I am told they made Minis like this in the southern hemisphere.  It is part Van, part Countryman.  This would be a great way to advertise your business.  It's strange that the smaller cars get the most attention.  How about some Mini History from the designer Himself?  Click Here.

1966 Morris Mini Race Car

This is a fully Race prepped 1275 engine historic race car.  I am the most curious about this car.  It has a full race prepped 1275 engine with a 40mm Dellorto carb., LCB race Exhaust, oil cooler, roll cage, race seats, the person I am buying this from says it is super fast.  This could make a fun parking lot racer.  How about a taste of a mini race car.  Click Here.

1974 Morris Mini

1974 Morris Mini, Only 19,223 miles since new.  1000cc engine standard all the way minus mud flaps.  Goodbye Pork Pie is an old New Zealand movie with a yellow Mini and a great car chase scene.  There is some foul language, so viewer discretion is advised.   Here it is:

This is a 1981 Mini, with a 1000cc engine and tan interior.  This had a recent red repaint, but the original color was red.  More Mini videos.  Click Here.